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Electroacoustic (Musique concrète)

The basic idea of electroacoustic music, or “musique concrète” as it was called by its French creators, is that any sound in the world can be integrated into a musical piece, be it a natural sound, an industrial sound, or a completely fabricated (synthesized) sound.

Hearing the musicality of sounds all around and integrating those sounds in a musical form that emancipates itself from the domination of instrumental music has been a long passion of mine, since I began studying Musique concrète and sound techniques more than thirty years ago.

Rock in Opposition

From 2007 to 2011, a group of Parisian friends discovered ICS, the Immersion Composition Society, invented by two songwriters, Nicholas Dobson and Michael Iago Mellender in Oakland, California, and theorized through a book, The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook, that rapidly became cult in our little milieu of experimental musicians.

Following the playful instructions of the book, the seven member of our Parisian lodge, Cromorne 13, began writing songs every month, 12 hours a day on Saturdays, and shared it with other lodges around the world through the internet. It was an amazing moment of creativity for us all, and the songs in this playlist reflect that playful and inventive atmosphere.

Movie soundtracks

Through the years, I have had the pleasure to work with several movie makers, from very varied horizons and styles, and write the music of their movies. Documentaries, experimental short movies, fiction… The filmic genre doesn’t count. What does is the understanding between a movie maker and her/his team in a common project.


Musica Ex Machina

I’m a classically trained instrumentalist and composer. I use my knowledge of music theory in every one of my compositions. But I also fell in love with electronic instruments and machines from the very beginning. I strongly believe that machines can be wonderful, subtle and shimmering music machines when used right.

My current home studio is a reflection of those two aspects of my musical life. It’s inhabited with both acoustic instruments and electronic ones, analog and digital.